All Body Workout Set

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The all-body workout set

The EmFit set is such a simple versatile kit and is suitable for beginners to advanced levels of fitness for both men and women. The perfect set to help conquer your fitness goals. 

Available in black and pink and includes. 


Adjustable resistance band:
ADJUSTABLE MECHANISM - No longer need to carry around 3 hip Resistance bands! Fits women and men. 
NO SLIPS, NO ROLL UPS! Lined with non-slip rubber grips, our cotton slingshot band won’t slide.

Gain improved Strength and Stability! warm-up your hips, glutes, quads, legs and hamstrings.

Slider discs: 

Comes with 2 durable anti-slip Dual-Sided gliding discs. With a fabric side for hard floor surfaces such as wood or tiles and a plastic side for soft floors such as carpets. 

These portable lightweight discs are perfect to use anywhere, and will target all muscle groups for an intense workout. 
The discs are suitable for beginners to advanced levels of fitness. They require constant core stabilisation and allow you to perform exercises that target every muscle group. 

Adjustable skipping rope 

Improve your cardio, with an adjustable 3m Jump rope.
Fully adjustable to all sizes using the adjustable screws each end. Smooth rotation, tangle free and easy to use.

Our steel rope is coated in PVC making it hard wearing but also light and fast, great for speed work for boxing and CrossFit.

Using a rope is one of the best ways to get into shape and forms of cardio.